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Stephanie Fontan


Stephanie specializes in creating engaging content that resonates, effectively boosting brand visibility and conversions. In her free time, Stephanie enjoys reading novels, baking, and gardening.


Tart Cherry Juice

Chamomile Tea

Cold Brew


Full Metal Jacket

The Shining

2001 Space Odyssey


The Library

Shawnee Natl. Forest

The Inkwells, Lagunitas


“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”

— Lao Tzu

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Seb Fontan

Creative Director / Owner

Seb focuses on helping clients achieve their marketing goals and elevate their digital marketing.

Stephanie Fontan

Content Strategist

Stephanie creates resonant content that appeals to target audiences and boosts visibility across platforms.

Brittany Dudek

Administrative Assistant

Brittany serves as our dependable Administrative Assistant, ensuring smooth operations and communication.

Michi Yasa

Senior Designer

Michi is an accomplished graphic designer with over a decade of experience creating logos and standout brand identities.

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